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Hotel Del Coronado
The majestic emblem of Coronado, California is the oceanfront Hotel Del Coronado (pictured above), that instantly turned Coronado, Ca into a beach resort destination when it opened on February 19, 1888. The Hotel Del Coronado has become a living legend with it's rich history, historical landmark designation, visits by thousands of celebrities and dignitaries and the legend of "the ghost".

The Hotel Del Coronado is ideally located along 31 oceanfront acres and reflects an elegant example of Victorian architecture . With 26 acres of top rated beach, oceanfront dinning, an expansive pool and hot tub, tennis courts, fitness facilities, children and teen programs plus an array of seasonal activities, it easy to see why the Hotel Del Coronado is one of Americas favorite vacation destinations.

The Coronado, California peninsula was purchased by Elisha S. Babcock, Jr., Hampton L. Story, and Jacob Gruendike, for $110,000.00 on November 19, 1885. Babcock and Hampton founded the Coronado Beach Company on April 7, 1886. Work began immediately on the resort community that the Coronado Beach Co. investors envisioned. The division and landscaping of lots, the laying of railroad tracks, and the construction of a water and irrigation system. To increase publicity Babcock and Story leaked news of a proposed hotel on Coronado to the newspapers causing a great deal of excitement in the community of San Diego and beyond. Then on November 13, 1886 the Coronado Beach Co. held an auction for the sale of lots ranging in price from $500.00 to $1600.00. By the end of the day, the Beach Company had sold 350 lots for a total of $110,000.00, which was, incidentally, the purchase price of the entire peninsula.

The resort community was now coming together with many new residents building homes and businesses. The Coronado Beach Company then began to concentrate on the design and construction of the new hotel. They hired James and Watson Reid as the architects of the Hotel Del Coronado and work began almost immediately with the groundbreaking ceremony held on March 19, 1887. The Hotel Del Coronado, officially opened its doors to the public on February 19, 1888. When it first opened, the hotel was the largest structure outside of New York City to be electrically lighted, with Thomas Edison himself overseeing the installation of his incandescent lamp.

The Hotel Del Coronado was designed to serve the mega-rich of the late 19th century. The Hotel Del Coronado featured many luxuries for it's day including telephones, elevators, and even water under pressure in the bathrooms.

Historic Landmark
Over the years, the Hotel Del Coronado has seen good times and bad. The hotel has seen two world wars, prohibition, and the great depression. At one point the hotel was almost destroyed, but in 1977 The Hotel Del Coronado became a National Historic Landmark, assuring that it will remain for future generations to enjoy.

Celebrities, Movies and Television
The Hotel Del Coronado has hosted many famous people over the years. In 1920, England's Prince Of Wales visited the hotel. Several U.S. presidents have visited the hotel, including every president since Lyndon Johnson. The Crown Room was even the location of the first state dinner held outside of the White House. After his successful trans-Atlantic flight in 1927, Charles Lindbergh was honored at the hotel.

The Hotel Del Coronado has been the setting for movies and television since the first movie was filmed here in 1901. In 1958, Marilyn Monroe stayed at the hotel while filming "Some Like It Hot". Also filmed here were the movies "The Stuntman", "Somewhere In Time", and episodes of "Baywatch", and "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

The Ghost
In 1892, soon after the hotel opened, one visitor checked into the hotel and has never checked out.

Kate Morgan and her husband, Tom, were con artists, who would ride the trains looking for men to swindle. In November 1892, Kate discovered that she was pregnant and wanted to settle down. This led to an argument with her husband. He got off of the train in Los Angeles, while Kate continued on to San Diego.

Kate went to Coronado and checked into the Hotel Del Coronado, where Tom was supposed to meet her for Thanksgiving. She waited, and as Thanksgiving came and went , there was still no sign of Tom. She checked other hotels in the area, but could not find him. While she was waiting, Kate ventured into San Diego and purchased a gun. Shortly after this , she was found on the steps of the Hotel Del Coronado leading to the beach, with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

To this day there are reports of strange occurrences in the room that Kate had checked into. Curtains have been seen to be moving even when the windows are closed, objects have been moved, and lights turn on and off. Several people even claim to have seen Kate's ghost in the window, and walking down the hallways of the hotel.

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